Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day Of School!

Just thought it would be fitting to post the first blog on this special day.. 

First day of school! 10th grade baby:) Witch means 1 more year of  'Grunnskóli'. In Iceland we only have 10 years of school and then we go to 'Fjölbraut' for 3-4 years, and then to a University. 

What a day! I just loved to see everyone again. I was starting to miss the noise and the everyday headache's. So the day started off with waking up early and having the "joyful" ride with Ása to the school bus. Picking seats for the hole school year was fine. We got there early enough for me to get a good seat with my best friend and around all of my class mates. The bus ride was surprisingly not as lonely and quit as I thought it would be. Everyone was doing great at catching up on so on.. 

I won't bore ya'll with the teacher details but only say... yuck.  School did go by quick though. 
Tomorrow 8th, 9th and 10th grade are going biking the hole day. We are planning on going swimming and bbq-ing. I'm hoping the weather will be good, or at least not rainy and windy. 

Thank you all for reading (:


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  1. Hey Pretty girl. I know this is really late considering you have been in school for weeks now but I wanted to write you a little comment and say hi and I hope you are having fun in school. Keep blogging.
    Love you,
    Your sister